Funds - Phillip Nunn

Phillip’s enduring commitment is to future-proof investment tools and programs, so investors and clients can get the best returns for their investments. With an advancing global economy and a competitive investment ecosystem, comprehensive financing and investment funds are the tools for growing a business. Phillip guides businesses on promising securities, bonds, and shares.

He reiterates that an investment portfolio should reflect the realities of the modern investment world, including the challenges. Incorporating cutting-edge financial technologies into his analyses for clients, Phillip believes that thinking outside the box is the key to being a successful investor. Providing clients with deep insights into the latest market intelligence and advancements in the field of crypto-financing and investment funds, Phillip fulfils many roles as a financial expert from cryptocurrency evangelist to a fintech advisor.

Philip has appeared on various advisory boards and guided companies worldwide on the future of investing and how to empower the investor. He offers comprehensive support and insights for clients and businesses looking to invest, keeping the present realities of the financial world in mind. As a disruptor in the world of financial investing and fund management, Phillip strongly believes that clients need investment solutions that enable them to meet their money management goals.

To this end, he empowers investors to be able to grow with market movements and use adversity as well as challenges as opportunities for growth. Philip also believes that as an entrepreneur, CEO, and fin-tech expert, it is up to him to bring about the changes he wants to see in the financial sector, from ethical to realistic and comprehensive investment strategies for everyone, not just elite investors.

Phillip Nunn

CEO of The Blackmore Group