Technology has changed the way we do everything, including the way businesses grow and transactions take place. As a fin-tech thought leader, Phillip brings decades of experience, a strong analytic orientation and a world of insights to businesses that seek to tap financial technologies for growth. Disrupting existing financial models, Phillip brings the fin-tech sector to businesses with actionable insights, business intelligence and market advice for companies that seek to use this vibrant, innovative and hi-tech tool to bring about a rapid transformation and access sustained growth.

Helping businesses to open up a whole new world of opportunities and change the way they serve their customers, Phillip believes in the transformative benefits of fin-tech and its power to disrupt and change businesses for the better. Digital solutions have the power to shape the financial world and Phillip understands how it can bring about a sizeable shift in efficiency, transparency, and security for business transactions.

While he holds that technology always formed the backbone of the financial industry, it is time for innovation to come to the fore. Some areas which deeply interest Phillip include crypto mining, the use of smart contracts and blockchain technologies and open-source fin-tech technologies and agile front-end tech devices. He firmly believes in the power of fin-tech to transform the way businesses and governments worldwide work.

Phillip Nunn

CEO of The Blackmore Group