Phillip is a cryptocurrency expert, whether it is in associated fields like blockchain technologies, initial coin offerings or opinions and insights on bitcoins as well as other altcoins. A strong supporter and investor in cryptocurrencies, Phillip is keenly exploring ways to promote cryptocurrencies and power growth through his role as Blackmore CEO, MD of the Sweden-based Stockholm IT Ventures AB and member of several advisory boards for promoting cryptocurrencies, ICOs, blockchain technologies and more.

Author, speaker, and cryptocurrency market leader, Phillip has several roles and achievements to his credit. Being a cryptocurrency expert is just one of them.

As cryptocurrencies become a viable alternative to cumbersome fiat currencies, the world is seeing a change for the better. Cryptocurrencies are tangible, with low transaction costs and easy to track as well as transfer. Technology is rapidly changing the way the financial world transacts business.

Phillip is at the helm of bringing about a paradigm shift in the way business is done, promoting cryptocurrencies as not just a medium of exchange, but also a store of value that has the potential to unlock business growth. Whether it is P2P transaction ledger system blockchain at the root of cryptocurrency or the growth of virtual currency wallets and exchanges, Phillip seeks to decode the cryptocurrency growth story for businesses and investors alike.

Phillip Nunn

CEO of The Blackmore Group