Phillip Nunn to Speak to BusinessCloud’s Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Breakfast Event


Phillip Nunn is due to speak at BusinessCloud’s cryptocurrency and Blockchain breakfast event on February 2.

Phillip Nunn will share his views at the Business Clouds blockchain event where he will be speaking on Bitcoin’s potential value in 2018.

“You don’t look at crypto like gold, I think crypto is looking like a piece of art; it’ll just go up in value and it’ll be the original. It’ll be like: ‘Do you hold a Bitcoin?’

BusinessCloud Event Coverage:

“Look at the underlying holdings in Bitcoin, because this thing is going to go really big. Dollars are dead. We could be looking at the next Jeff Bezos working with ICOs instead of VCs.”


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I have $1 Billion dollars to give you.

You can only take this in Two “Currencies”

What do you do?


I would surmise that ICO’s - the gold rush and the rogue market over the last three years did two things.

Over inflated $btc - #bitcoin price

And more recently - Kept the price low.

It seems to be finding it’s stable plateau now and sustainable growth.