Business Solutions Tap the Power of AI with Blockchain


Blockchain is one of the best ways to secure data. I find that as devices become smarter, they also become more vulnerable to hackers. Blockchain has been designed from the ground up to focus on security.

Some of the most exciting advances have taken place in the field of AI or Artificial Intelligence, aimed at creating machines that can think as well as people.

But as we move towards smarter machines, I find that blockchain serves as an invaluable means of securing these. This is because the system permits various nodes to be filled by specific devices, preventing external interference and manipulation.

Blockchain Meets AI

Google’s DeepMind, for example, wants to use blockchain in healthcare initiatives, monitored and improved with AI and machine learning. AI itself I moving fast and poised to contribute an astounding $15.7 billion to the global economy, according to an analysis by PwC. Global GDP is also set to be 14% higher as AI serves as a catalyst for growth. Blockchain is not far behind, either. As per Gartner, by 2030, blockchain will add business value to the tune of USD 3.1 trillion to the industry!

So many examples of blockchain and AI collaboration abound. There’s SingularityNET, that is a blockchain-based marketplace which had an ICO recently and raised USD 36 million. Neuromation, a data platform for deep-learning apps closed a USD 50 million token offerings in a span of just eight hours. More companies like the doc. AI or DeepSee media platform are aiming to combine the strengths of AI and blockchain technologies.

Why Blockchain Offers Security for AI Solutions

I find that AI solutions generally need safeguards in the form of integrity and data security to ensure the precision of machine-learning algorithms. Blockchain can help here. This distributed ledger technology can ensure the interface offers a reliable AI output representation. Moreover, the transparency, as well as accessibility of blockchain technology within the P2P network, brings more security. All information such as AI data or app ownership and platform-earned tokens cannot vanish from blockchain. AI is excellent for blockchain technologies, as this secures application deployment.

A World Without Borders

Blockchain creates value for AI solutions, as it provides well-analysed data sets and a world without borders. AI-Blockchain integration also makes crowd-working easier. In my view, blockchain will spur AI adoption in the real world by expanding communities. The union of the technologies will make it possible to involve the workforce and make datasets accessible for not just tech enterprises like Apple or Tesla alone, but even small or medium-sized businesses.

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