Blockchain technologies have the potential to transform the business world in multiple ways. As a blockchain evangelist and market expert, Phillip strongly supports the use of innovative blockchain technologies such as smart contracts to shape the future of not just finance and banking, but many more sectors like healthcare and legal services as well. Phillip believes the future is here and it is all about harnessing the power of ledger systems such as blockchain technologies which have the capacity to transform the way business is done.

Drawing on over 15 years of experience in the field, Phillip is known and acknowledged as a market leader and specialist powering blockchain as a technology for businesses seeking growth. He excels at the analysis of blockchain models, customised blockchain development, integration of blockchain technologies into corporate infrastructure and much more. As an innovator and corporate leader, Phillip has helped businesses to explore how blockchain can transform and disrupt even traditional business models and bring about positive outcomes, such as enhanced security, increased transparency, and cutting-edge efficiency.

Phillip Nunn

CEO of The Blackmore Group