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I’m the proud CEO of Wealth Chain Capital, a bespoke investment house. Our success is built on a core value of putting the needs of clients first.

This is where I talk about the world of financial services. Particular areas of interest are residential property, commercial real estate, wealth and investment management and a big passion of mine – Fintech.

I hope you enjoy my unique perspective on the fast-paced world of investment.

– Phillip Nunn, CEO of Wealth Chain Capital

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Peer-to-peer and open source wouldn’t be an issue for Facebook. Open source is not a threat for Facebook because the value of their launching a #cryptocurrency lies in their 2 billion+ monthly user base, not in some unique code or technology.

Where did all the $XRP #Ripple team get to?

You’ve all seemed quiet! Say hello!!! 👋

I’m not hearing anyone talk about anything other than market confidence and a bull run currently.