The Blackmore Group is a cutting-edge investment house. It seeks to capitalise on the rise of algorithmic intelligence and to harness that potential for the benefit of its clients – both large and small, in banking and investment.

I am the “proud” CEO of The Blackmore Group, a bespoke investment house. I started the company in November 2014 and we started a new office in February 2015. The success of our firm is due to a simple idea – to create content for some specific niches and targets which we believe that there are no existing brands or businesses for them in the market.

I am the proud CEO of The Blackmore Group, bespoke investment house I founded in 2007. There are lots of unknown facts about me – but let’s start from the basics: I’m a former Private Banking & Investment Banker in London who worked for a Series A-listed private bank for 8 years. I sold the bank to become a specialist in private sector money management.

I studied economics at Oxford University and completed my Master’s degree at Reading University before joining PwC as an economics graduate. After five years overseas, I returned to the UK and joined Blackmore Investment Management Ltd – a leading provider of bespoke asset management products and services previously primarily focused on property. After six more years with Blackmore, I left to create my own company devoted entirely to professional financial advice and investment planning,

I am the proud CEO of The Blackmore Group. And we are a bespoke investment house. We offer investors access to alternative investments that concentrate on European equities and fixed income markets, our clients have their own investment strategies and need a tailored solution to suit their needs.

In today’s world, there is no shortage of stories about the rise of AI-powered technology. However, these stories often overlook the implications for copywriting that currently exists in the market which raises some important questions for copywriters who would like to take advantage of this technology to enhance their own skillset.

The Blackmore Group is a bespoke investment house that specialises in the retail side of things, with a focus on the business services domain.

I am the proud CEO and founder of The Blackmore Group, a bespoke investment house that I founded in 2014.

I am the proud Chief Executive Officer of a bespoke investment and wealth management company.

I am a proactive person and I like to interact with people personally but I also like to keep my mind on things that are work related and nothing else. My passion for investing is always there, even when it doesn’t feel like it in reality.

Blackmore Group is the first investment bank in the UK that has a fully bespoke approach to its clients. My role as CEO ensures that they gain access to best people, business models and relationships.

I am an expert on professional services, tax and technology as these are areas in which we are increasingly investing our time. I love technology, finance and my life is centered around my family – so I’m a very well-rounded person.